Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Draft Summary Part 6 of 10

Honolulu LuauDawgs (NL)

Walter Wilson 1st round (28th) Potential front line Closer.

Jamie Delahanty 1st round (37th) Gold Glove SS, 30+ steals.

Curt Hernandez 1st round (47th) #4 or 5 starter, great pitches, weak control, kills righties.

Sam Campbell 2nd round (61st) Bench player, COF, 3rd, 2nd

Kelvim Boyle 2nd round (80th) Future pinch-runner, may platoon in LF against lefties.

Wesley Torres 4th round (144th) Nice set up pitcher. Better then average in all areas.

Greg Witt 6th round (208th) Platoon catcher against lefties. Awesome defense.

Draft Grade: B+, no huge bats but 3 major league pitchers, 2 solid defensive starters and a couple of nice bench players. Well done.

Louisville Sluggers (AL)

Aramis Guerrero 1st round (5th) Weak rightie split will keep him from being an ace. Solid 2 or 3 man.

Charles Andrews 2nd round (57th) Future long relief or spot starter.

Preston Jackson 7th round (217Th) Leftie specialist at best.

Draft Grade: D+, Got themselves a top notch pitcher but the rest of the draft is littered with pitchers who will never see the majors.

Mexico City Renegade (NL)

Benjamin Wilson 1st round (10th) top of the order hitter, only weakness is questionable baserunning skills.

Dennis Williams 1st Round (51st) Tail end starter, might get pushed to bullpen because of weak splits.

Darryl Garcia 3rd Round (94th) Probably a mop up man or spot starter.

Draft Grade: C+, got a star and 2 decent pitchers. Missed out in 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds.

Minnesota Twinkies (AL)

Buck Cohen 1st round (25th) mid rotation starter, low stamina will keep him from stardom.

Marty Brooks 1st round (36th) Will play the hot corner soon enough, 300 hitter with good pop.

Gerald Donnels 2nd round (63rd) long relief pitcher will get the odd start.

Scott Coles 2nd Round (77th) probably play RF, decent defense, 30+ homers and a 260 avg.

Bill Lanigan 3rd round (109th) defense is good enough for LF, bat is good enough to pinch hit when a homer is needed.

Dario Scott 4th round (141st) Splits and control will override weak pitches, Mop up man.

Magglio Lopez 5th round (173rd) SuB, good control and better then average splits. Might see 40 innings a year.

Draft Grade: B, great job for picking so late every round

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