Monday, January 12, 2009

Season 19 International Signings Analysis

Since gb69 is doing such a nice job of analyzing this years amateur draft, I thought it might also be interesting to see how some of the top guys signed on the International market might fare in the years to come. Some guys pay a lot of money trying to find those International gems, while others don't bother much with it at all. I guess I fall into the first category. I will only be listing guys who look like they have ML potential.

There were no signings to date by Arizona, Baltimore, Boise, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, Durham, Minnesota, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, St. Louis, Toledo.

Buffalo Wings-only one signing to date, David Borges of Villa Vazquez in the Dominican for $5.8M. Borges looks to be a pretty good ML closer prospect, with very good control, a great slider and a good curve. Low makeup might keep him from reaching his full potential, but a definate ML prospect. Already 3-3 in saves at LowA.

Burlington Coat Factories-Has been very active, signing 10 Int'l FAs. SP Jamie Martin of Tokyo signed for $7.3M and looks like he might be worth it. I see an overall of 92 with decent control, very good splits, 4 good pitches. This guy could be a consistent 15 game or more winner. Is off to a good start at HiA. A stud. Yeico Delgado is a RF out of the Dominican Rep who signed for $3.9M. Might end up in LF. Great power and eye. Will walk and K a lot. Mainly a platoon vs LHP. Very low makeup might keep him from reaching full potential. Pounding the ball so far at LowA. Nicaraguan SS Harry Canseco($1.9M) looks like he will be ML quality at SS, but his eye, contact and awful vL split might keep him out of the majors. At best, a defensive replacement. Cesar Duran($1.1M, Venezuela) would be a decent ML SuB if he develops all the way to his projections. Damian Kim($420K,Japan), might develop as a power bat off the bench but low splits will limit him. Good use of his Int'l budget.

Charlotte Panthers-Only one signing, but it was a big one. Paid $14.3M to sign Domincan SP Emilio Martin. His low DUR rating and average STA will keep him from throwing any more than 150 or so innings. OK control and good splits, but only 2 good pitches make such a large investment questionable. Still, he should be an effective ML pitcher, but no workhorse.

Dover Demon Dawgs-One signing, Max Chavez, Dominican SS for $12.2M. Already ML quality defensively and projects to be a top notch defensive player. Decent power and contact, but poor splits and mediocre eye means a .250 hitter with some pop.

El Paso-2 signings with no ML potential.

Florida Sailfish-2 signings. Mexican SP Oswaldo Cruz($15.3M) looks to be the real deal, and he better be for that price. Great control, very good splits. A 5 pitch pitcher with 1 great and 2 good pitches. Already at HiA and pitching very well. Only 18, he'll be in the ML quickly and he'll star. Low splits will probably keep another Mexican Hector Hernandez($1M) from making it all the way to the big show. He does have good control and 2 useful pitches.

Helena First Knights- dyoungquist must like the Dominican Republic, because all 4 of his signings hail from there. 2 might have ML potential. RP Tony Renteria($3M) has mediocre ratings across the board and might make it as LRB at best. SS Damaso Lee($2.5M) could be a steal. Great defensive ratings will make him an asset at any position, but poor eye and low splits will keep him from starting. Excellent defensive replacement.

Honolulu LuauDawgs- 1 minor signing.

Louisville Sluggers- 2 signings. Benny Acevedo($5.3M, Venezuela) projects to be a decent middle of the rotation starter. OK control, good splits, and 2 of his 5 pitches are pretty good. LF Magglio Johnson($4.4M, DR) is iffy, since he won't hit enought to play LF or 1B and isn't good enough defensively to play anywhere else. Good eye and contact, mediocre power and splits make him a reserve at best. Paid too much for this guy.

Mexico City Renegades- 3 signings, no shot.

Monterrey Cheeseheads- vector was busy with 7 signings. LF Danys Ortiz($2.9M) has great speed and will steal a lot of bases if he can ever get on base. Awful projections for eye, but decent contact and good split vR. Currently doing well at LowA. Rest have marginal or no ML potential.

New Orleans Freebeads- Their only signing was SP Gorkys Fernandez($9.0M, Venezuela). Great stamina, OK control, good splits, and 2 of his 5 pitches are outstanding. Should be a very good #2 starter. Money well spent.

New York Torrones- Busy as always in the Int'l FA market. 10 signings. CF P.T. Bravo($8.0M, DR) will be ML CF one day. Decent defense, good eye and decent splits overcome poor contact and mediocre power ratings. Playing well at HiA. Emilio Francisco($6.0M, DR) projects to play every position but SS. Good speed may yeild 30+ SBs. Good eye and contact, OK splits, little power. Solid MLer. Tearing it up at AA, he'll be in the majors before long. C D'Angelo Diaz($2.8M, DR) could reach ML as a backup catcher. 15 steals, 10HRs? Good eye & contact. Shigetoshi Suzuki($1.1M, Japan), could make it as a LRB. Marginal control & splits offset by 2 great pitches. Iffy. LF Felipe Almonte($1.1M, DR) projects to play everywhere but C. Mediocre offensive ratings will keep him from being a starter.

Philadelphia Flyin' Hawaiians- 1 signing, Willie Vincente($5.0M, DR) looks like a solid ML regular with 15-20 HR & 40+ steals in RF.

San Jose Giants- 5 signings, 2 with ML potential. C Alfonso Morales($7M, DR) looks like he'lll be an good platoon C vs RHP. Not much defensively, but excellent eye, and good power, contact and vR split. Delino Morales($5.7M, DR) will have great control and 3 decent pitches. Poor DUR and mediocre splits will make him a 5th starter. $5.7M for a 5th starter is too much.

San Juan Tax Evaders- 2 signings, 1 ML prospect. Cesar Belliard($2.9M, Nassau) is a marginal prospect at best. Mediocre control, poor splits, and only 1 good pitch doom him to the minors.

Tacoma Taliban- 3 signings, 1 ML prospect. SP Santiago Soriano($2.8M, Venezuela) has very good splits & durablity and good stamina. 3 of 5 pitches useful. Unfortunately he has awful control. That will probably keep him out of the ML.

Toronto Toros- 3 signings, 1 ML prospect. Kiki Morales($3.8M, DR) might eventually play every position but SS. Good speed, 20+ SB. Decent eye and 15-20 HR power. Poor split vsR might force him into a platoon role.

Vancouver Villians- 8 signings ,3 marginal ML prospects. SS Tony Rodriguez($1.6M, Panama) could be very good defensively, but will probably never hit enought to stick in the majors. RP Michael Maeda($590K, Japan) could be an effective setup man with excellent control and 2 good pitches. Poor splits work against him. But for $590K, it's worth a shot. LR Carlos Veras($475K, DR) could be a steal with decent vR split and 1 excellent pitch, but he's a longshot.

Wichita Waffle House Posse- 1 signing. OF Geraldo Pimentel($2.4M, Venezuela) looks like he'll be a LF/1B. Good speed and great contact, but rest of offensive ratings mediocre at best. Bench player.

Well, if this research showed me anything, it's that there are a hell of a lot of International propsects that come out of the Dominican Republic! The other item of interest was how many teams don't sign any Int'l FAs at all.

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