Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hall of Fame Ballot

Here is the list of retirees from season 7 that are eligible for voting into the Hall of Fame. 10 ML seasons are required for nomination except for extreme situations. World members since season 7 will be eligible to vote and will be notified via trade chat. Please keep all correspondence to Trade Chat as I would not want to influence the voting process.

Chip Abbott
Wascar Aquino
Craig Atkins
P.T. Baez
Steven Bailey
Chipper Bates
Alberto Canseco
Stan Carter
Cameron Clark
George Conway
Wayne Diaz
Horacio Frias
Anthony Gabriel
Harry Gil
Vicente Guerrero
Placido Gutierrez
Christy Hughes
Micah Hughes
Cesar James
Fernando Lima
Miguel Martin
Vin Moreno
John Munoz
Mo Munro
Ralph Patterson
David Steenstra
Ernest Sterns
Melvin Truman
Mike Witt

Here are the returning players. 2 * denotes the second time on the ballot 3 * denotes third and final time.

Lefty Appier **
Art Collins **
Rico Ordaz **
Terry Witt **
Osvaldo Guerrero ***

Remember you can vote for as many players as you wish and it will require 75% of the vote to gain entry in the Hall and at least 25% to stay on the ballot for another year (3 years maximum).

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