Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Draft Summary Part 9 of 10

San Juan Tax Evaders (NL)

Alexander Lawrence 1st Round (17th) Looks like a pretty solid SP, a little weak against lefties, his pitches and control should make up for it.

Brandon Musial 3rd Round (101st) Good defense and decent eye. Will spend time on the bench before shuffling between teams and the minors for a few years.

Cecil Posey 4th round (133rd) A solid set up pitcher. Lacks the great pitch that could make him a closer.

Draft Grade: C-. Lost their second pick which hurts. No one picked will change the futue of the Evaders.

St. Louis Ogres (NL)

Tim Parker 1st round (13th) Awesome splits and pitches. His control is suspect. Might prevent him from being the best closer in the league.

Bruce Waltman 1st Round (52nd) Interesting player, wont hit many homers (20) but will hit for a decent average. 275+. But will strike out a lot. Tough player to gage.

Perry Valdes 2nd Round (65th) Solid defensive shortstop. Will get to play at the big league level though will probably never shine.

Ted Duckworth 4th Round (129th) Speed on the bases and in the field. Nothing else to offer.

Draft Grade: B-, some very interesting players that if they develop correctly could be stars.

Tacoma Taliban (AL)

Graham Heving 1st Round (6th) Has some great skills but doesn’t project to be an ace. Probably a 3 or 4 SP.

Brett Durham 1st Round (43rd) Hits righties very well. Could platoon in the OF but doesn’t have the power or speed to start in LF or RF.

Dennis Leach 1st round (50th) mop up pitcher due to awful splits.

James Gallagher 4th Round (122nd) Lefty platoon catcher with adequate defense.

Draft Grade C+, lots of useable bodies but no stars that I can see.

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