Friday, February 13, 2009

Who should have won the AL MVP

Who Should Have Won the MVP? In my opinion the MVP should go to a player that not only has great offensive stats but should also be of value defensively. Not saying a DH shouldn’t win the award but he better hit like crazy. Also an MVP should lift his team to another level. Finishing out of the playoffs is not something an MVP should be remembered for. So in that case I am only looking at players who were at least within 5 games of making the playoffs.

Minnesota: 96-66 1st place in North, Had many players with incredible seasons…too many players actually.
Alan Sadler RF 51-125 .309-.401 8 Assists.
Gerry Allen DH 50-139 .302-.382 Silver Slugger
Vic Blanco 2nd 46-113 .292-.353 Gold Glove.
Kirt Crane 3rd 41-112-15 .279-.343 Silver Slugger

It would be tough to vote for any of these players since they are all equally good. Blanco played the most difficult position of the 4, and won the Gold Glove. He would be my choice as a Nominee from Minnesota. Don’t forget Velazquez who played SS and swatted 38 homers and Norm Adams who won the Silver Slugger in CF while batting .347 with 130 runs.

Toronto: 92-70 2nd in North, 2nd WC team. Made the playoffs for the 10th straight season and that has to count for something.
Virgil Rodriguez 2nd 41-99-37 .314-.388 Silver Slugger
Carl Cameron LF 39-96-2 .318-.382

Not much overwhelming talent here. Rodriguez plays a solid 2nd base and was almost a 40/40 man. Toronto did however have 7 other players with 24+ homers in there lineup.

Dover: 86-76 1st in East won division by 4 games. No amazing years which makes there playoff appearance all the more impressive.
F.P. Koskie 1st 36-108 .339-.410 Rookie Year
Parker Bennett RF 36-108-9 .315-.392
Santos Guerrero 2nd 19-83-52 .304-.365

Just snuck into the playoffs for the 1st time since season 7. Guerreo played the most difficult position and had in my opinion the best season offensively for the Demon dogs.

New York: 83-79 2nd in East, 4 games out of playoffs. Magnante won the actual Al MVP.
Tanner Magnante 1st 38-125 .343-.442 Silver Slugger (Actual MVP)
Dan Jones LF 44-123-14 .270-.340
Michael McDonald DH/C 31-107 .316-.405
Johnnie Haselman 2nd 49-136 .244-.310

Despite not making the playoffs they do have the leagues MVP on the roster. I would have to disagree because if he was so good they should have won more then 83 games, especially with that support staff around him.

New Orleans: 102-60 1st in South. Too good to matter.
Brad Yashian 3rd/RF 50-133-11 .258-.335
Jumbo Neruda 2nd 40-113-44 .304-.397
Felipe Pescado 1st 38-127 .307-403
Mark Jones SS 33-107-15 .289-.349
Hector Gonzales C 40-91 .270-.351

5 players had MVP caliber seasons which hurts all of their chances at being the MVP. Neruda another 2nd baseman in my mind had the most complete season of all.

Florida: 99-63 2nd in South, #1 WC team. Well Balanced
Miguel Palacios RF 42-138-7 .320-.415 Silver Slugger
Eric Murphy C 37-108 .264-.342
Lance Kelleher DH 27-100 .325-.401
Gene Oquist 1st 21-122 .343-.413 Gold Glove
Bruce King 2nd 25-94-20 .324-.401

Another 5 players with great seasons. Palacios had the best season offensively, but Oquist grabbed a Gold Glove even if it is only at 1st base.

Boise: 104-58 1st in West. Had a great season with limited offense.
Alfonso Tejera LF 43-145-16 .323-.380 Gold Glove, Silver Slugger
Olmedo Rivas C/DH 53-113 .292-.356 Silver Slugger

This team won 104 games and didn’t get much respect in the MVP voting. Tejera won a gold glove and the silver slugger for the best regular season team in the AL.


1. Vic Blanco A Gold Glover at 2nd, team won 99 games as he drove in 113 runs.
2. Alfonso Tejera Gold Glove/Silver Slugger…best team in baseball, best player on it.
3. Jumbo Neruda maybe two many quality players for him to win but you cant deny a 40/40 man who plays the middle infield.
4. Tanner Magnante actually won the award so I have to include him. Might not have even been the best player on New York.
5. Santos Guerrero best player on a team with limited offense. Without him they are nothing.

My Vote: Alfonso Tejera should have won this award hands down!


  1. Well, of course I'm going to disagree here. Having watched each and every game my team played, Tanner Magnante was not only the best player on the team by a good margin, but he was also the rightful league MVP. The fact that we went into a late tailspin after leading the division most of the year was mostly the fault of a pitching staff that blew far too many games. Magnante certainly did all he could. He had nothing to do with Dover reeling off that huge winning streak late in the season. As far as MVPs whose teams didn't make the playoffs, I'll cite the real life example of Ernie Banks, who won more than 1 MVP on some awful Cub teams. Magnante had a phenomenal season. To go with 206 hits,a .343 BA, 38 HR, 125 RBI, 113 RS,.442 OBP(led league), & .600 SLG Pct, his 1.042 OPS was 2nd only to a guy who snuck onto the leaderboard late by having barely enough ABs. He led the league in walks(100) while striking out only 54 times in 600 ABs. I can't access last season's leader board anymore, but he was at or near the lead in almost all offensive categories. He also won the 1B Silver slugger award. He had a .997 FA at 1B with only 4 E's all season. Tejera was also fantastic and he hails from Woodmere NY, which is quite close to my home here on LI. He outhomered Magnante 45-38 and had 20 more RBI. He had a bit higher Slg Pct(.611-600)and scored 15 more runs. But Magnante had more hits(206-202) in 25 fewer ABs,45 more BBs, 37 less K's, .062 higher OBP, & .051 higher OPS. Tejera did steal 16 bases, but was caught 22 times! Tejera did not make an E all season in LF with 7 plus plays. But we all know MVPs are not won on defense and I feel Magnante had the superior overall offensive season when you look at all aspects. And to all those pitchers out there who have to face him this season, he has had these ratings increases coing into spring training. +3 Overall. +5 contact. +1 power. +4 vL. +6 vR. He should be fun to watch. Thanks again to all thos discerning voters who looked at the whole package and also sow what I saw.

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  3. My biggest argument to this would yes Ernie Banks did win 2 MVP's 58/59 the best players on his team finished 21 homers and 47 RBi behind him in 58 and a WHOPPING 31 homers and 91 RBI behind him in 59. That is a whole extra season of stats. Plus he played every inning except 19 over those two seasons at SS for the Cubs. Magnante didnt even lead his team in homers and rbi. He is no Ernie Banks.

  4. All I meant by citing Banks was an example of a guy who won the MVP on a team that did not make the playoffs. So it's not like it's unprecedented.

  5. I love that you gave Neruda the attention he deserves. In 4 seasons he's had two 40/40 year. He WILL be the MVP next year.