Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Draft Summary Part 10 of 10

Toledo Tornados (NL)

Eddie Post 1st Round (22nd) Gold Glove type defense at SS, hits well enough to play everyday. Might need to sit against the tougher right handers.

Chuck Meyers 1st round (35th) Speedy Corner outfielder, can hit double digit homers and steal 30 bases. Ideal for a bottom of the order hitter.

Shane Thomas 2nd Round (58th) Good guy off the bench, corner infield and outfield, might play everyday against lefties and could hit 10 homers in 200 at bats.

Joey Newman 2nd Round (74th) Good relief pitcher, wont be a star but will be good to eat innings late in the game.

Draft Grade: B, 2 everyday players just blow star level, utility player and some bull pen help.

Toronto Toros (AL)

Eugene Carlson 1st Round (21st) Future closer, splits aren’t great but better the average, 2 great pitches and pinpoint control.

Andrew Reed 2nd Round (73rd) Most likely a bench player, 300 ab’s would see .265/15 homers and 10-12 steals, while playing RF and LF.

Darby Johnson 3rd Round (105th) Great eyes and kills righties. No real position. How do you start a DH that only hits 10 homers, even if he hits .330

Santiago James 4th Round (137th) Decent splits and 1 awesome pitch, control will keep him on the bus back and forth to the minors.

Edgar Martinez 5th round (169th) Power hitting RF that will never start so shouldn’t have been mentioned anyway.

Adrian McCallum 6th Round (201st) awesome defensive catcher that will start against lefties and hit 250.

Draft Grade: C+ , If Darby Johnson can develop at all this could be a nice draft…right now it is just a bunch of solid utilities and a super closer.

Vancouver Villians (AL)

Shane Coffman 1st round (15th) My choice as the best pitcher in the draft. A+ Control, A Splits, 2 excellent pitches and 2 solid ones. Future Cy Young.

Louis Henley 3rd Round (99th) Looks like a very good set up man, great velocity and pitches. Splits and control are good enough.

Josh Piper 4th Round (131st) ideal bench player, can play CF or 2nd and steal bases.

Draft Grade: B+, only three players of note..but one of them might be the best player taken.

Wichita Waffle House Posse (AL)

Clem Scott 1st round (8th) Multi-talented outfielder, Should play solid defense and steal 40+ bases. Might only hit 275-290 but will do it with good power, 25+ homers.

Lyle Wilkins 2nd Round (60th) 10 for 10 in saves in the minors. Probably wont close in the majors but should be better then average set up man.

Todd English 3rd round (92nd) Drafted as a SS, probably will play 3rd. Good corner defense and a solid bat. 270 avg, 18 homers.

Arthur Palmer 4th round (124th) Most likely a back up Catcher. 250 at bats against lefties will see him hit .280/.360obp 10 homers.

Dom Black 5th round (156th) Can play against righties and steal some bases. Solid part timer.

Draft Grade: B, solid draft. Good picks all around.

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