Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Season 7 Hall of Fame Vote Results

A very close vote this year, with Lefty Appier coming up just 5 percent short. The players listed directly below will return on next years ballot headed by Appier in his last attempt.

Lefty Appier ** 70%
Horacio Frias 60%
Mo Munro 60%
Wayne Diaz 40%
Cesar James 40%
Terry Witt 40%
P.T. Baez 30%
Art Collins 30%

The players listed below here will not be on next years ballot as they either came in below the required 25% or in Osvaldo Guerreros case have used up their 3 chances.

Osvaldo Guerrero *** 40%
John Munoz 20%
Rico Ordaz ** 20%
Placido Gutierrez 10%
Miguel Martin 10%
Vin Moreno 10%

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