Saturday, April 4, 2009

Draft Report 1, Arizona, Boise, Boston

Arizona Draft Report Card:
1st Rnd, 12th, Fausto Velazquez Very good SP prospect, Solid control with better then average splits, 2 pitches that will be good enough to get almost anyone out. Health could be a factor. Top end Rotation.

2nd Rnd, 58th, Kiki Seguignol 6 million is a lot of money for a defensive CF’er. Could end up winning a Gold Glove but will bat no higher then 9th for any team that that wants to win. Is ripping up Rookie Ball already.

3rd Rnd, 90th, Danny Collier Another CF’er, will probably break some Minor league stolen base records.

Grade: B, Velazquez is an A pitcher and Seguignol is a ML potential Gold Glover, the later rounds really brought nothing extra to an Arizona franchise that is trying to rebuild after several years of success.

Boise Draft Report Card:
1st Rnd, 32nd, Al Richardson He does have some tools but probably not enough to ever be more the a LR pitcher at the big league level. Could find a home at the tail end of a rotation of a team looking for an inning eater.

1st Rnd, 39th, Stu WunschMaybe the best fielding SS this reporter has seen in sometime, it’s a shame he will have trouble hitting above the AA level. Could find the majors on a team that just needs a glove and a .200 avg.

2nd Rnd, 57th, Ryan Lawrie Another slick fielding SS, does have blistering speed and some solid pop. I think he is a better bet to have a major league career then Wunsch.

2nd Rnd, 78th, Deacon West Looks like a 4th outfielder with solid defensive skills and bat that will see him hit around .280. His lack of power and patience will have him on the bench more often then not.

3rd Rnd, 110th, LaTroy Carver Could be a solid SuB…or just as easily could never get past AAA. Will give up a fair share of hits but wont hurt himself with many walks.

Grade: C, there are pieces here, but none of them is a lock or even a legit starter. Grade could become a D if they all don’t make the majors.

Boston Draft Report Card:
1st Rnd, 21st, Andrew Giles…Unsigned. Powerful and fast outfielder that is looking for at least 5 million to sign which is two million more then Boston has left after buying 2 internationals for 17 million.

1st Rnd, 42nd, Julius Powell…Unsigned. Smooth fielding fleet footed SS that for whatever reason has yet to sign with Boston…could he be refusing?

The next 5 picks also have yet to sign with Boston.

Grade: On actual talent drafted? B. Giles and Powell would be welcome additions to almost any team. On actual talent Drafted and signed? F, this is one of the biggest duds ever. Jumbo Moya and Alex Yoshii are solid International signings but are not worth anything close to 17 million total. That money would have been better spent on signing Giles and Powell.

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