Sunday, April 5, 2009

Draft Report 2, Buffalo, Burlington, Cleveland, Columbus

Buffalo Draft Report:
1st Rnd, 19th, Trever Stratton This New jersey native projects to be a lights out closer, 2 A+ pitches, excellent splits with solid control. Is already throwing in the mid-90’s at the age of 18.

2nd Rnd, 65th, Justin Affeldt Drafted as a SS, will probably end up playing the Hot Corner though as his defensive abilities are far below that of a quality SS. Will hit for solid average (.275) and good power (15-20 homers) but may not be enough to be a starter.

Grade: C, One very good player (Stratton) and a solid Major league role player (Affeldt), beyond that there is nothing that will help this team in the long run.

Burlington Draft Report:

1st Rnd, 27th, Maverick Foster He is not quite a TOP GUN prospect, but he will have some value in a few years as a bench/situational player. His defense is good enough to play some 3rd, while not a smart base runner he is quick enough to pinch run, doesn’t hit for much power but hits lefthanders well enough that he could platoon.

2nd Rnd, 73rd, Roland Douglass He is playing 2nd base right now but could reach the majors as a very solid utility player with the ability to play 2nd/3rd and maybe even SS in a pinch. Hits lefties better then righties and runs well enough to not clog up the bases.

4th Rnd, 137th, Jarrod Rossy Is a pretty big long shot but does have two quality pitches and solid control. Will give up a lot of hits but could see some time in the bigs as a SuB.

Grade: C-, I don’t see a starter, but there are three potential Major leaguers here. Nothing to get too excited about though.

Cleveland Draft Report:
1st Rnd, 24th, Red Maxwell The pride of upstate New York. Has a lot of trouble with right handers but still has a very good chance at being in the starting rotation. 3 very good pitches and pinpoint control will help him overcome his weaknesses.
2nd Rnd, 70th, Bob Long A highschool SS, that has found a new home at 2nd base. Will never be a starter but could be a solid bench player where his lack of power/speed/and ability to hit for a high average won’t be as noticeable.

3rd Rnd, 102nd, Carlton Roberts His Slider and Changeup are already major league ready. Wont log many innings but could be a good set-up man or lefthanded specialist.

Grade: C+, a touch better then Burlington. If Red Maxwell can get his stuff together he could be a very nice pick up for Cleveland.

Columbus Draft Report:
1st Rnd, 13th, Royce Singleton A interesting pick here, Singleton is not going to win any awards for offense or defense…but he is a solid backstop that will hit for pretty good average. This strong armed catcher will be able to play almost every game as his ability to hit lefties and righties is pretty much equal.

2nd Rnd, 59th, Marlon Hairston Will be able to make a living with his glove but wont steal anyones job as his bat and legs aren’t good enough to start more then once or twice a week.

3rd Rnd, 91st, Alan Bell Molded in the shape of a young Kirby Puckett. Doesn’t possess any of the hall of famers other qualities though. At best will play left field and bat around .260 with 8-10 homers and even less steals.

4th Rnd, 123rd, Happy Stahl Normally I wouldn’t write about a batter with such low contact ratings…but the power he has makes him at least noting of a long shot at the major league level.

5th Rnd, 155th, Eddie McGee Looks like a solid fielding 3rd baseman with enough offensive ability to keep him out of the starting lineup.

Grade: C+, Columbus has loaded up on bench players, Singleton the 13th pick overall will start but isn’t really the type of player that will win you a championship.

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