Thursday, April 30, 2009

Draft Report: Minnesota, Monterrey, New Orleans

Minnesota Draft Report
1st Rnd, 28th, Todd Foster Remains unsigned and at an asking price of 5 million will probably stay that way.

1st Rnd, 36th, Willie Alexander Very powerful RF that will probably see time as a 4th OF/ CIF.

2nd Rnd, 74th, Bubba Gilmore A strong two pitch pitcher that has solid control. May not have the stamina to be a starter, but will be a welcome addition to most staffs.

3rd Rnd, 85th, Benny Ryan Another potential SP, 3 big league pitches and good splits with solid control. Could fill in as 4 or 5 very nicely.

3rd Rnd, 106th Alberto Dominguez Another powerful bat, is a step below Willie Alexander with the bat but is a superior fielder.

Grade: C+ lots of helpers but no stars, this is not a draft to plan your future around.

Monterrey Draft Report:
1st Rnd, 4th Reid Bagwell Looks to be a top flight closer option in a few years. At only 18 he is a few years away at least.

2nd Rnd, 50th, Todd May A pretty good SP prospect. Makes up for his lackluster pitches with solid splits and very good control.

3rd Rnd, 82nd, Rafael Duran LR-mop up pitcher that will be on the bus back and forth from AAA and the Bigs.

Grade: B-, Grabbed themselves a very good closer option and a solid SP, beyond that they didn’t get much else.

New Orleans Draft Report
1st Rnd, 31st Fred Wells Drafted as a catcher but is clearly destine to be a DH. Could easily hit .320 with 35+homers if he meets his projections. Is also a solid baserunner who could steal close to 10 a year.

1st Rnd, 38th Pokey Hudson Good looking SP prospect that while he only has one great pitch, he uses it effectively against both lefties and righties.

2nd Rnd, 62nd Yonder Rivera Hard throwing left hander that mixes in a very good curve and a change. Will battle for a spot at the back of the rotation.

2nd Rnd, 77th Willie Franco Another hard thrower, is somewhat erratic but will for sure see some time as a SP thanks to his blazing fastball.

3rd Rnd, 109th Dario HudsonVery smooth fielding SS that has enough pop that he can play at least part time. Probably only plays against lefties at the big league level.

Grade: B, a top notch bat and 3 potential SP pitchers with a solid bench player that can field anywhere.

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