Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Draft Report Card: Florida, Helena, Honolulu

Florida Draft Report:
1st Rnd, 29th, Vic Harvey Drafted as a shortstop, but will most likely move to 2nd base. Has solid range but his arm is really not up to playing Short. Is a solid hitter and a very good baserunner, if given a full season should him hitting .270 with 15 homers and around 25-30 steals.

2nd Rnd. 75th, Russell Dye A quality bench player that will see time in CF/2nd and even 3rd if needed. Solid fielder and blazing fast, his bat is the only thing that will keep him from being an everyday player.

Grade: C-, While I do like Harvey and to a much lesser extent Dye, neither of them are going to be difference makers for Florida. Also factor in that they were unable to get any quality players after the 2nd pick this becomes a rather weak draft class for the Fish.

Helena Draft Report:

1st Rnd, 23rd, Jose Santiago Should be a solid contributor at the major league level in about three seasons. Solid splits and good blend of pitches to keep the hitters off balance. Will probably end up in the about the 3 spot of a solid rotation.

2nd Rnd, 69th, Josh Smith This 18 year old has looked almost unhittable in Rookie ball posting a 4-0 record with minuscule 0.30 ERA. As a major leaguer probably only projects to a #5 SP. His sometimes shaky control and ineffectiveness against lefties will keep him from stardom.

3rd Rnd, 101st, Davey Rijo Another useable SP. Might only make it to the bullpen though as his splits and pitches are less then those of an average major league SP. Good control and durability might help him see some time with the big club.

Grade: C+, Got themselves 2 major league starting pitchers but after that didn’t do anything to help themselves at any of the offensive positions. Rijo very easily could have not been drafted in place of some sort of position player.

Honolulu Draft Report:
1st Rnd, 30th, Sid Scheffer A very nice late 1st round pick, Sid might be able to take a spot at the top of most rotations. Is averaging almost a K per inning at rookie ball, probably wont be Major league ready for another 3-4 seasons.

1st Rnd, 37th, Grover Appier Hard throwing right hander, will compete eventually for a chance to close at the big league level. Two excellent pitches and dazzling control should make up for fairly average splits.

2nd Rnd, 76th, Alvin Hawkins A crafty left hander that has one of the best looking sliders ever. Might not have the stamina to start every fifth day but could be a nice contributor as a LR/Spot starter.

3rd Rnd, 89th, Mike Hines, Has yet to sign but if they can convince him it would be a huge coup as he could be a Solid SuA maybe even a Closer.

4th Rnd, 140th, Gregg Willis At his best might one day be a back up SS who hits well enough to not embarrass himself. At his worst will never get past AAA and make a fine 1st base coach one day.

5th Rnd, 172nd, Oscar Lee A lanky cat behind the plate that is an excellent game caller. Not a real power threat at the plate, but does hit lefties well enough that playing him part time is a very viable option.

Grade: B, got a bit of everything, some very solid pitchers and a two decent batters if even off the bench. If they do manage to sign Mike Hines there grade could get bumped up to an A-.

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