Saturday, October 10, 2009

Top 10 Center Fielders

1. Alton Buckley
A former ROY and 5 Time All Star Buckley provides one of the biggest power bats in all of baseball at a premium position. Add in his solid defense and you have the best CF in the game.

2. Willie Johnson
A former 1st Round pick, Willie Johnson is the most complete offensive CF in baseball. Hes combined power, contact, speed and a great eye to post some impressive career numbers at age 27. Defensively, Johnson is below average with the glove and his range is not a great strength.

3. Archie Aldridge
The recently converted SS does it all. A great contact hitter with speed and knowledge on the bases, Alridge is solid in the field and has one of the best outfield arms in all of baseball.

4. Freddy Franco
The defensive whiz is the benchmark for CFers in the field. At the plate Franco hits for a respectable average and launches his fair share of four baggers while piling up the stolen bases.

5. C.J. Weaver
Another converted SS, Weaver combines one of the most powerful swings among ML CFers with good speed and a solid eye. The 10 year vet has a phenomenal arm and gets the job done in the field despite his diminishing range.

6. Ivan Gonzalez
The prototypical leadoff man is good for a solid average/OBP and a tonne of steals every year. Despite his average arm, defensively Gonzalez is one of best in the game.

7. Henry Green
Green is having a phenomenal offensive season and is the front runner for the NL ROY. Defensively however, it doesn’t look as though his glove will play long term in CF.

8. Aramis Vizquel
A former Gold Glover, Vizquel can still get it done in the field and has averaged nearly 30 homers a year over his career.

9. Clayton Hairston
While hes lost a step… or 5, Hairston, one of the top leadoff men in the game is having a career year despite a recent trip to the DL.

10. Alex Jose
Despite struggling versus righties, Jose is generally good for a .800 OPS to go along with his average defense.

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