Monday, October 5, 2009

The Bum Clark Award

The Leagues Best Overall Shortstop

1. Sparky Wasdin By far and away the best fielding SS in the game. Made two errors in one game to double his total to 4. Having a career year with the bat on pace for over 25 homers 70 rbi and a career high .281 avg.
2. Julius Serrano Smooth fielder with a loads of range. Hitting a solid .283 with 8 homers but only 23 RBI. The 11 steals are nice but getting caught 14 times is a huge downside.
3. Marshall Ferrell His 17 errors and .958 fielding percentage are the only things keeping him from the #1 spot. 12 homers 46 RBI 15 steals and a .289 avg make him one of the best offensive SS in the game.
4. Yuniesky Franco Almost identical a fielder to Ferrell, 17 errors and a .957 fielding %. His bat is almost the same as well 15 homers, 45 RBI, 13 steals and a .286 AVG. It would be easy to confuse these two players with each other.
5. Jamie Leonard Burst onto the scene last season as one of the more flashy fielders. Has made 11 errors but has good range and a solid .973 %. Is batting a solid .310 but has only 1 homer and 5 steals. Is on pace for over 70 RBi though.
6. Ricky Lawton Very average fielder, 15 errors and a .960%. A skilled bats men is one of the games leading hitters (.356 avg). His carrer high of 31 homers is a long way off as he has only 3 this season to go with 8 steals.
7. Francis Bennett Next to Sparky Wasdin is probably the best fielder in the game. Has 4 errors and an amazing .990 %. Too bad his .259 avg and 2 homers don’t add much else to his resume.
8. Archie Aldridge Middle of the pack fielder 12 errors, .962%. Hitting an incredible .340 with 5 homers and 15 steals.
9. Edgardo Machado Yes he is left handed, and yes he doesn’t get to all the balls he should. Does have a solid .964 % despite his 27 bad plays. Is one of the best overall hitting SS in the game however, 10 homers 43 RBI and 6 steals with a .288 AVG.
10. Lawrence Gwynn His shaky fielding (.958%, 17 errors) are almost offset but his amazing bat. .321 AVG, 14 homers 38 RBI. If he could steal even a little he would be in the top 5.

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  1. How did Mariano Tavarez not make this list? He's 7th in FPct(.975), 4th in RF(6.23)and is hitting a respectable .298 with 5 HRs.