Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hall of Famer: Horacio Frias 83%

Horacio Frias
Age: 36B/T: R/R
Born: Haina, DO
Position(s): RF/LF/DH
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As a young man he looked as though he was destined to work in a car battery recycling plant. When the plant closed and his town was left poor and polluted he was forced at the age of 17 to move to Santo Domingo, there he was seen by a scout from the Toronto Toros as he played a game of pick up ball. He signed a minor league contract and at the age of 19 won the High A player of the year when he crushed 54 homeruns in 130 games while batting .377. It took him a few years to get all his skills up to pace for the major league level but at the age of 23 he burst onto the scene and proved to be a winner every year he played. In Addicted Users seasons 1-7 his team averaged over 100 wins and made the playoffs every year. He won two world series over that span batting over .400 with 9 homers, 30 rbi and 7 steals during the playoffs those seasons. After hitting 45 homers in season 5 his skills seemed to drop off the table and he only hit 12 in season 6. He was released at the end of that season but quickly signed with arch rival Minnesota. He batted a solid .305 with 16 homers and helped the Twinkies to a 103 win season. In season 8 he spent the year in the minors as a special assistant and coach. He hung it up for good in season 9 moved back to the Dominican and has set up a wildlife centre close to his home town of Haina.

Stats: 809 runs, 1154 hits, 225 doubles, 63 triples, 275 homers, 852 RBI, 113 steals, .307 AVG
Estimated Career Stats: 1360 runs, 2030 hits, 375 doubles, 100 triples, 500 homers, 1475 RBI, 200 steals, .310 AVG

Awards: 4 X Silver Slugger (1-3,5), 2 X All-Star (2,5)

Toronto Single Season Records
Runs: (5th) 163
Triples: (4th) 20
HR: (1st) 67
RBI: (1st) 196
OPS: (2nd) 1.194

His 196 RBI also ranks 5th all-time in addicted users
Also holds the Toro record for 7+ plays in RF in one season and has the highest fielding % at .993

Ranks in the top three for Toronto in the following stats: AVG (.307) Hits (998) Runs (717) RBI (780) HR (259)

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