Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top 10 Catchers

1. Eric Murphy
Good pitch calling, 30% of base runners thrown out and a consistent 1.000 OPS. Not much more to say.

2. Cesar Amaral
Amaral is the only catcher in the league who is truly above average both offensively and behind the plate. He has thrown out 37% of runners this year to go along with a .344 average.

3. Billy McNamara
A 2 time Gold Glover and 3 time Silver Slugger winner, Mcnamara boasts one of the best batting eyes in baseball to go along with a phenomenal arm behind the plate. The only knock on him is his below average pitch calling abilities.

4. Hector Gonzales
Another huge bat behind the dish, Gonzalez is on pace for another 40 homer season to go along with solid signal calling skills and a passable arm. Despite serious health concerns Hector has yet to miss any significant time in his big league career.

5. Olmedo Rivas
Offensively Rivas is on par with Murphy and Sydney Martin, however the future Hall of Famer’s lack of signal calling skills and average arm make him better suited for DH/1B duties.

6. Sidney Martin
For 75 or so games a season Martin is the best Catcher in baseball. A .310 average, a home run nearly every 10 at bats for his career and stellar defense are only held back by his inability to play more then half a season.

7. Stevie Bonilla
Bonilla is phenomenal with bat in hand and despite an average arm he’s a good pitch caller. Like Martin, Bonilla is held back by durability issues.

8. Clay Charles
Charles has struggled at times at the plate during his career but he seems to be putting it together this year with a .979 OPS. Defensively Clay has a good arm to go along with respectable game calling abilities.

9. Osvaldo Valentin
Valentin is the top defensive catcher in baseball, he has a great arm and outstanding game calling skills. Despite his struggles this year, Valentin has been a solid contributor with the bat in the past.

10. Omar Mercedes
While Mercedes isn’t great defensively, he is passable which is fine considering hes good for a 850+ OPS.

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