Monday, September 26, 2011

3rd Power Rankings of Season 20

1. Louisville Sluggers(62-29)--The Sluggers are led by 8 all-stars this season. None have been more important than 2-time pitcher of the week Harry Velazquez. Velazquez struggled a little bit out of the gate, but he has been unstoppable since then!
Previously Ranked: 1st(E)

2. Boston EliteDucks(66-25)--Boston has ust been crushing the ball. With 7 all-stars on this years squad, none are more important than Craig Velandia!
Previously Ranked: 2nd(E)

3. New Orleans Freebeads(59-32)--The Freebeads are still breathing down Louisville's neck. This has the makings of a great division race as we enter the second half. The Freebeads have 4 all-stars led by power hitting youngster Erubiel Pineda.
Previously Ranked: 3rd(E)

4. Cincinnati Knights(59-32)--The Knights have been the hottest team in the AL over the past week. They are led by 3 all-stars with Ronnie Patrick finally having his breakout season it looks like.
Previously Ranked: 6th(+2)

5. Florida Fire Sailfish(53-38)--Florida is quietly having an excellent season. They are led by 2 all-stars, one of them being power hitting CF David Olivo.
Previously Ranked: 5th(E)

6. Chicago Black Sox(49-42)--Chicago seems to be starting to pull away from the rest of their division as we enter the all-star break. That could change though as their season has had some ups and downs. They are led by 3 all-stars and dominant closer Reagan Murray.
Previously Ranked: 9th(+3)

7. Colorado Springs Sky Sox(49-42)--The Sky Sox are led by lone all-star Trent Crane and a very good offense.
Previously Ranked: NR

8. San Diego Blue Sox(48-43)--San Diego is making their debut in the Power Rankings this season. They have a great pitching staff. Surprisingly they only have 1 all-star, Yank Watkins.
Previously Ranked: NR

9. Buffalo Wings(51-40)--The Wings are playing some very good baseball as they take over the top spot in the NL North going into the all-star break. With 2 all-stars they are led by youngster Carlos Arias.
Previously Ranked: 10th(+1)

10. Jackson Jaywalkers(51-40)--The Jaywalkers are the hottest team in AU over the past week. They are led by 2 all-stars, one of them being starter Bob Kelly.
Previously Ranked: NR

Dropping out: New York Torrones, Baltimore Bullets, and Salem Senators

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