Monday, September 19, 2011

2nd Power Rankings of Season 20

1. Louisville Sluggers(49-23)--The Sluggers are top 5 in runs scored, ERA, and fielding percentage. They have another dominate team that should make the playoffs.
Previously Ranked:3rd(+1)

2. Boston EliteDucks(53-19)--The EliteDucks continue to be one of the top teams in AU. They have great players. The gap does seem to be narrowing a bit though in the NL.
Previously Ranked: 2nd(E)

3. New Orleans Freebeads(47-25)--The two-time defending AL pennant winners are playing even better baseball this year it seems. New Orleans has one of the best offenses in the league and are breathing down Louisville's neck for the divsion lead.
Previously Ranked: NR

4. Salem Senators(48-24)--The Senators are lead by, easily, the best pitching staff in the majors. They have timely hitting to help with that and will give Boston a run in the playoffs this year.
Previously Ranked: 6th(-2)

5. Florida Fire Sailfish(42-30)--The Sailfish play in a very tough division and would be in first place in about half of the other divisions. They play very good team baseball using every part(offense, pitching, and defense) to get the job done.
Previously Ranked: NR

6. Cincinnati Knights(45-27)--The Knights, whose franchise has never won the AL North, have positioned themselves to be the favorites in this division almost halfway through the season. Billpitt has turned this team into viable contenders that slug the ball with the best of them.
Previously Ranked: 4th(-2)

7. New York Torrones(39-33)--New York has been playing better ball as of late. The Torrones got off to a bad start this season, but seem to have turned it around so far. Their offense will need a little more help from their pitching to make a run at another division title.
Previously Ranked: NR

8. Baltimore Bullets(42-30)--The Bullets are lead by a very good pitching staff that needs some help offensively if they want to contend once they get into the playoffs.
Previously Ranked: NR

9. Chicago Black Sox(40-32)--The Black Sox are the current division leaders in the AL East but have fallen on tough times recently. If they can right the ship could they win this division away from torrone?
Previously Ranked: 1st(-8)

10. Buffalo Wings(40-32)--The Wings have traditionally been led by a much better pitching staff. If they can get their staff back where it should be then with their offense they could run away with the division again. First things first though, they must jump the Cleveland Penguins!
Previously Ranked: 8th(-2)

Dropping out: Anaheim Hasselhoffs, Detroit Grass Lakes, Jackson Jaywalkers, and Washington D.C. Abnormals

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