Friday, September 2, 2011

1st Power Rankings of Season 20!!!

1. Chicago Black Sox(18-8)--The upstart Black Sox have surprised everyone jumping out to a very hot start here in the early going. They have a very good offense that is supplemented by a solid pitching staff.

2. Boston EliteDucks(19-7)--Sporting the best record in AU so far, the 2-time defending champs have an excellent top 5 pitching staff and just missed out having a top 5 offense so far this season. Look for the EliteDucks to dominate again all season long.

3. Louisville Sluggers(16-10)--The Sluggers got off to a rocky start, but they have started to turn that back around. They have a top 5 offense and pitching staff and fully expect to be in the thick of the AL South division race.

4. Cincinnati Knights(17-9)--The Knights have gotten off to an excellent start as well surprising the AL North a little I think. Billpitt has his team slugging their way to some wins. If they can get their pitching staff together then the AL North will need to be worried.

5. Anaheim Hasselhoffs(17-9)--Anaheim is lead by AU's best pitching staff so far in this very young season 20. If their offense gets going and supplements that staff then this team could steal the division away.

6. Salem Senators(15-11)--Salem has started the season off well. They are again led by a very good pitching staff and defense that will need just enough from their offense to take this team to the playoffs!

7. Detroit Grass Lakes(17-9)--The Grass Lakes are also lead by a top 5 pitching staff. Their defense though has not been doing the staff any favors and the offense has been average. If Detroit wants to stay in these rankings they are going to have to pick it up in both of those categories.

8. Buffalo Wings(14-12)--The Wings haven't played spectacular baseball obviously, but they have played solid all around. This team is built to win now and if they can will be a team that can contend for the World Series.

9. Jackson Jaywalkers(15-11)--The Jaywalkers are supported by a top 10 pitching staff and defense. They need some work on offense. If their offense can get going some this team could really contend in their division all season.

10. Washington D.C. Abnormals(16-10)--Washington looks like they are trying to break out into contenders this season. Their offense is very good, but they need to get their pitching staff better if they intend to stay contenders.

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