Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fresh Meat: Season 3 Amateur Draft

The third ever Addicted Users Draft was a huge success. Of the first 32 picks only 3 never signed and of the remaining 29, 26 call the major leagues their home now. Here is a look at the top 10 picks and some of the more notable and surprise picks of the draft.

1st Overall, The franchise that is now Cleveland was in the middle of a long downward spiral when they got this pick. And while Lofton is no superstar he did help this team back to respectability as he has twice won double digits in games. Not the worst selection ever but certainly not the best.

2nd: Bret Henry Smooth fielding power hitting Shortstop. Now plays for Cleveland and will go down in history as one of the greatest rule 5 selections ever.

3rd: Vince Livingstone Top line SP that has 87 career wins and should make a run at 200 in his career, solid and steady he was a smart selection at #3.

4th: Jeff Nixon has great stuff but arm problems have plagued his career and prevented him from reaching stardom. His lack of durability and stamina are about his only weakness.

5th: Lawrence Gwynn Was drafted but never signed. Was snagged the next season as a free agent and is now a very solid .300 hitting SS for the defending World Series Champs.

6th: Josh Bradford A rookie of the year and a two time gold glover hits for decent power but little else. Was a 25/25 man with 101 RBI as a rookie, since then has slowly gone downhill. Overall not a bad selection.

7th: Victor Leary Looks like he should be a solid COF but for whatever reason has never cracked a major league roster. 320 minor league homers and a .319 avg. Looks like he could hit 25-30 a year in the bigs with a .280 avg. So far a wasted career.

8th: Parker Bennett Drafted as a hard hitting 2nd baseman, he has moved his big bat to RF. Was a big part of the team formally known as the Flytraps and their quick rebuild. Is now one of the more feared power hitters for Boston.

9th: Clay Coles Is probably the most consistent pitcher drafted from season 2. has won 14 games 5 times and is a pretty solid bet to log 200+ innings every season. Sweet pick

10th: Ramiro Guevara Maybe the most celebrated slugger in Addicted. Rookie of the Year, 2 X MVP, 5 X All-Star, 5 Silver Slugger, and last years All-Star MVP. Over 400 career homers and a 300+ avg. He is the pick of the draft at this point.

13th: Alan Lowell a two time all-star that has already racked up 77 wins at the age of 28. Season best of 17 came in season 9 with Florida.

15th: Gene Oquist A very solid gold glove type 1st baseman that has a career .311 avg and is usually good for around 20 homers and 100 rbi per season.

16th: Eric Reed spunky 2nd baseman that makes up with hustle what his lacks in talent. 157 homers-300 steals and a solid 275 avg. Is onto his 3rd major league team.

18th: Rocky Snyder This beastly RF has averaged 40 homers over the past 4 seasons and about 140 k’s.

21st: Carlos Ibarra Sometimes explosive DH that at his best can swat 40 homers and bat .300.

28th: Sidney Martin This part time catcher has 151 homers in just 1600 at bats. Has never had more then 300 ab’s in a season but never hit less then 17 homers or .279

29th: Mel HaywoodSmooth swinging 1st baseman has already swatted 196 homers at the age of 27 along with a .309 avg.

30th: Manny Carter Gold Glove SS that is average at best with the bat.

32nd: Ahmed Ramirez Gold glover and a silver slugger at 1st base. In 5 seasons has averaged 35 homers and a 316 avg.

241st: Vin Bradshaw A powerful batsman who has a chronic fatigue disorder that prevents him from playing everyday. Still has managed to hit 100+homers in just over 1800 at bats and maintain a .318 average.

386th and 416th Francis Kaufman Bobby Butler two catchers taken late, 12th and 13th rounds respectively. Butler won the Gold Glove last season and is a solid .290 hitter with decent pop. Kaufman is also very sharp defensive player that has the ability to hit above 300.

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