Saturday, June 20, 2009

AL North1/4 Pole Report

Well, it's just past the 1/4 mark of season 12, so it's time to see who is playing over their heads and who has not lived up to expectations.


Toronto Toros- Goldenboy69 has put together a squad tha he feel can go all the way this season, and so far they have done nothing to disprove that notion. They are off to a hot start at 27-16 and currently hold a 3 game lead in their division. They are playing just slightly above expectations(.628-.610). They made a nice FA signing of Monte Brown when he refused a mutual option with the NY Torrones. He has paid early dividends with a 4-1 record despite a 5.12 ERA. Currently leading the league in ERA(4.12), OAV(.250), WHIP(1.33). With 4 players already in double digits in HRs, that's enough 'O' to support a top notch pitching staff. One soft spot may be the age of some members of that starting staff and their ability to make it through the whole season healthy. If that happens, watch out! Legitimate contender.

Wichita Waffle House Posse- sccrplyr16 has his club off to a surprising start at 24-19, 3 games back of Toronto. Their .558 pct is a little better than their .514 EXP. Signed 4 FA pitchers topped by SP Placido Hernandez. So far that has resulted in a staff ERA below the league avg. Offense is 2nd in BA(.290) with 4 regulars batting over .300, led by Norm Nady's .362. FA SPs Hernandez & Brandon Saarloos have combined for 9 wins. Improved over last season. Let's see if they can keep it up.

Minnesota Twinkies- brentnet's perennial powerhouse is off to a somewhat slow start at 22-21. Their .512 pct is surprising(.428 EXP) considering they have given up 36 more runs than they have scored. The ERA is well above league avg and they have given up almost 90 more hits than IP. An OAV of .299 and a OSLG of .500 will not result in many wins. Their always powerful offense is what is keeping them afloat to date. They lead in HRs & SLG, but are below the league avg in RS. Signed slugger Brad Yashian, but traded one of their best SPs, Donaldo Rosario, for middling prospects.

Milwaukee alcoholics- jeff2106 took over season 11's cellar dwellers this year. Off to a slow start at 16-27, this is a reclamation project. So far playing below expectations(.372 act-.412 exp).
Last in the league in runs & hits and near the bottom in most other offensive categories. Below league avg in most pitching categories also. Young hurler Dennis Boggs has been a bright spot(5-2, 3.51). Signed some aging FAs, but most have not worked out, Joshua Walker being the exception. Has some good young players on the ML roster in Boggs, Pablo Chavez(injured), Abraham Fonda & Javy Iglesias. Saddled thru year 14 with SP Freddie Forrest's big contract by previous owner. Team may take some time to turn around.

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