Sunday, May 3, 2009

Draft Report: San Diego, San Jose, San Juan

San Diego Draft Report

1st Rnd, 2nd, Junior Valdivia Stud, the most talked about pitcher in the draft. Was a lock to go 1st or 2nd. Only weakness is his very average 3rd pitch. Will be great regardless.

No other players of note were drafted and or signed, they did however land one of the bigger international Free Agents, Ramon Wang After starting off very well in Low A, blew out his shoulder and may take some time to get back to form. Does project to be a very good 2 or 3 SP as he has excellent control and a great one two punch with his Sinker, Slider combo

Grade: factoring in Wang: B+, two top line starting pitchers is great a little extra depth would have been greater.

San Jose Draft Report:

1st Rnd, 14th, Phil Corino Only noticeable weakness is his stamina. His stuff is as good as anyone else in the draft and because of that will be in big leagues as a starter in a few seasons. Don’t count on many complete games.

2nd Rnd 60th, Paul Bonds is a massive DH prospect that could hit 50 homers if he ever signed…but he won’t.

3rd and 4th Rounders have yet to sign.

5th Rnd, 156th, Dan Aldridge Defensive minded 2nd baseman that also has pretty good pop. Could work in a leftie platoon at 2nd/3rd/CF and could hit 10-12 homers in 200 at bats.

Draft Grade: C+, I really like Corino and Aldridge is a pretty nice pick at 156th. Did miss out on three potential solid players though….but Vin Escobar did sign for 15 million as a international Free Agent. Will be a COF that will hit 35+ homers and bat around .300 with a solid OBP. Add him to the equation and the Giants score an A-.

San Juan Draft Report

1st Rnd 25th, Phil Brush Could be the 2nd coming of Tommy Herr. Good glove and can spray the ball around well enough to bat around .280. Does the little things well also, bunts as well as anyone and runs the bases with a heads up style that could have him grab 20+ steals a season. Prototypical number 2 hitter.

1st Rnd, 34th, Bernard Torres Looks like a solid utility player that could handle some time at 3rd and 2nd and the Outfield with out too much trouble. Should hit around .280 but his lack of power or speed will keep him from being a regular member of the starting lineup.

1st Rnd, 44th Houston Egan A bulky hard throwing right hander. Stuff isn’t good enough to close but should settle into a SuB spot pretty nicely. Especially tough on righties and does a good job at inducing groundballs.

2nd Rnd, 53rd, Andy Corey Ate up batters at Rookie Ball and looks like a good bet to do more of the same in the big leagues. Two plus pitches, good control and for a lefty does very good at handling right handed batters. A top 4 of the rotation Starter.

2nd Rnd, 71st, Vic Ugueto Could start in a pinch at 3rd or RF but is probably better suited to work in a platoon situation playing against lefties. If given 200 ab’s against them could easily hit .300 with 7-10 homers. Isnt awful against righties so could be a very useable bench player.

3rd Rnd, 103rd, Rolando Ortega Another platoon type player, doesn’t hit well enough though to play 1st base. Could see time in LF as he is serviceable there and is also very fast. Once again would have to play mostly against left handers and could bat around .275 and steal 10-15 bases off the bench. Still a bit of a long shot.

4th Rnd, 135th, Joe Valent Could be a horse out of the pen due to his rubber arm. Should not be counted on to pitch in the big game, but is a nice addition if you need someone to eat up innings.

Grade: B+, I don’t see any superstars, but this is one of the deeper drafts by a team in the league. Very good draft.

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