Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where are they now?

We take a moment to look at some of the notable International Free Agent signings from Season 2.

Alex Jose 9.8 million, they 2nd largest signing bonus is league history. Was promoted to the majors right away and aside from a short stay in AAA in season 2 has never looked back. 1400 career hits with 161 homers and a solid .280 avg. Probably not worth 9.8 million but is a solid major leaguer for sure.

Rafael Ontiveros 8.0 million. Jmercer77 actually signed the two most expensive internationals in season 2. Where Jose has been solid, Ontiveros has not. Retired after season 8 with a .260 avg and only 485 career games. Not money well spent.

Tomas Gandarilla 7.5 million. Signed by Baltimore but traded to Toronto the next season. With Toronto averaged 15 wins a season before being traded to Dover were he has lost he job as a starter and is now pitching out of the pen for Boston were he really should be in the Rotation.

Enrique Henriquez 7.0 Million. Is now an overpaid defensive replacement for St.Louis. Has very strong defense but his bat is even sub par for SS, Will kick around the league for few more years but his career will not have much more impact then it already has.

Tony Perez 6.9 million. Perez has shown moments of being a very good starting pitcher (8-15, 4.15 in season 9) but for the most part has spent his career in the bullpen were he is solid but not spectacular.

Pedro James 6.5 million. 3 X all-star, 2 x silver slugger, 2 gold glove. Needless to say he has been worth every penny. With almost 150 homeruns and over 300 steals is on pace for a potential hall of fame career.

Sammy Candelaria 6.5 million. This smooth fielding SS has yet to make a name for himself at the major league level. Is a lot like Henriquez with a better bat but less speed.

Charlie Reid 6.0 Million. Currently plays in AAA and hasn’t been in the majors since season 8. His career is not worth writing about as much as I have.

Raul Ordonez 5.8 Million. Saved 33 games and was an All-Star in season 6. Since then has become a pretty solid set-up pitcher with over 200 appearances.

John Nakamura 5.4 million. Up until last season he has been a very ordinary 1st baseman. Last season exploded for 215 hits, 30 homers and 24 steals with a .320 avg. If he keeps that sort of performance he will be a steal of a signing. But I ma betting that he returns to ordinary again.

Jumbo Kim 5.5 million. Kicked around the minor leagues for several seasons with many different teams. Has finally caught on with Durham and is now closing. Is 12 for 13 in saves with a solid 3.00 ERA.

Vinny Nakamura 5.4 million. Has almost as many steals (356) as hits (403). Twice has stolen over 100 bases in a season and at the age of 27 could have a chance at 1000 career steals.

Placido Hernandez 5.0 million. The last of the 5 million dollar men. Has been very good at times winning 18 games in season 8 and has 72 career wins at the age of 27. Was a very nice pick up for brisque.

Those are the 13 players signed for over 5 million. The rest are players that were gotten for less but have played like they should have gotten more.

Angel Pena 3.0 million. Came to the majors right away as a SP. 371 career games with 128 starts now. 75 wins and a solid 4.63 ERA. Has even been an All-Star in season 10 as a long relief pitcher.

Al Soriano 2.5 million. A pretty solid set up pitcher. 192 games and an ERA around 4.75. Most teams would welcome him to their bullpen.

After that most players signed are just Roster Fillers who for the most part are already retired.

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